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Butterfly graphics -Silver-studded Blue (Plebeius argus)

The Silver-studded Blue (Plebeius argus) is a butterfly in the family Lycaenidae.
So named due to the silvery blue metallic spots on the underside hind wings.


Butterfly graphics- Scarce Swallowtail The Scarce Swallowtail
(Iphiclides podalirius is a butterfly found in gardens, fields and open woodlands. It is found in places with sloe thickets and particularly orchards.

Butterfly graphics- Cream-spot Tiger Arctia villica
Cream-spot Tiger Arctia villica
Inhabiting woodland and a range of open grassy areas, this species has a distribution covering much of the southern half of England and Wales. It flies in May and June, and regularly comes to light.
Butterfly graphics- Ruby Tiger Phragmatobia fuliginosa
Ruby Tiger Phragmatobia fuliginosa
Fairly widespread throughout Britain, this species is common in places. Showing a gradual variation in colour, with the brightest individuals in the south, and much duller specimens in Scotland, attributable to the subspecies borealis. It is double-brooded in the south, flying in April to June, and again in August and September. In the north there is just one generation, in June.
The larva are polyphagous, feeding on a number of herbaceous plants.
Butterfly graphics-Eyed Hawk-Moth (Smerinthus ocellata) The Eyed Hawk-Moth (Smerinthus ocellata) is a European moth of the family Sphingidae. "The Eyed Hawk-Moth, so called from a large and beautiful spot in each of the hind wings that somewhat resembles an eye. The fore wings are brown, with a very beautiful reddish bloom over them, and clouded with olive-brown. The hind wings are of a delicate rosy red at the base, and a pale brown towards the margin; and each has a large and beautiful eye-like spot, grey in the centre, surrounded with blue, and the blue surrounded by a black ring.

Butterfly Graphics- The Oak Eggar
The Oak Eggar
(Lasiocampa quercus
The Oak Eggar, despite its name, does not feed on Oak, but is so-called because the shape of its cocoon is acorn-like
The red-brown males fly during the day, especially in sunshine, whereas the larger, paler females are nocturnal and can be attracted to light.

Butterfly Graphics- Jersey tiger moth
Jersey tiger moth
Panaxia quadripunctaria
The Jersey tiger moth is found in South and Central Europe, and in Britain on the Channel Islands. Unlike most other moths, these tiger moths are active by day. With their wings folded they are well camouflaged, but when they show their red hind wings with black spots they are very colourful.
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